STEP XS runners vs TYDAN XS Runners

18th Jun 2020

We sell both STEP brand and TYDAN brand XS runners for CCM skates and often get asked by customers, what is the difference.  In summary, they both are made in Canada, they both have a 1-year warranty, they both are quality steel, and on par with each other.

As you can see in the pic, there are slight differences, the Steps on the right are a tiny bit taller than Tydan, so may last a little longer. The Tydan's on left have a more tapered toe and heel area than the Steps, which makes them easier to adapt to vs. the bulkier and flatter Steps.

Both STEP and TYDAN come in regular stainless versions and black DLC versions. Tydan also has a gold Titanium version.

If we are out of stock of one brand, the other is a perfect substitute.